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Happy IconActionPaneEnabledConnection IconDetermines whether the Action pane appears when the user is in Design mo...
Happy IconActivate_SYMLinksConnection IconAllows domino to work properly with symbolic links in the directory stru...
Happy IconAddInMenusConnection IconAllows users to add functions to the client menus
Happy IconAddressBarGeometryControls various positional characteristics of the Address bar
Happy IconAddressBarLastOpenLast used address book with the address search bar
Happy IconAddressBarLastViewName of the last view used by the Address Bar
Happy IconAdd_Foreign_MemberHelps migrate groups from foreign directories. See link below - 'Importi...
Happy IconAdminConnection IconSpecifies the list of valid administrators. See the link for more detail...
Happy IconAdminLastDomainThe last domain used by the admin client
Happy IconAdminLastServerRecords the name of the last server accessed using the admin client. To...
Happy IconAdminMaximizedDetermines whether the admin client is maximized
Happy IconAdminPIntervalConnection IconInterval between runs of AdminP process. See link for more information.
Happy IconAdminPModifyPersonConnection IconSets the hour at which AdminP modifies person docs in the Public Address...
Happy IconAdminP_Disable_movConnection IconRemoves the requirement of the client communicating with the admin serve...
Happy IconShow details for [<a href="/ref/notesini.nsf/all/2126A59DD2D42A908625720D0053BCF7" title="Category: Admin Task
Type: Binary
DefADMINP_ENABLE_CASCConnection IconThis fix makes the creation of Admin process requests to modify design e...
Happy IconAdminP_RestrictTimConnection IconCapability to restrict the times of day when the Admin Process runs. ADM...
Happy IconAdminP_RestrictTimConnection IconCapability to restrict the times of day when the Admin Process runs. ADM...
Happy IconAdminSetupConnection IconUsed to determine if the DOMADMIN.NSF database should have its design up...
Happy IconAdminWindowSizeDetermines the position of the Admin client window
Happy IconAdmin_AccessConnection IconDetermines who has admin access to this server. See link.
Happy IconAgentManagerScheduConnection IconInterval at which the Agent Manager checks it's schedule for updates. (I...
Happy IconAgentThreadDebugConnection IconEnabled thread by thread debug in the agent manager
Happy IconAllowBookmarkFocusConnection IconYou can expand upon the accessibility feature 'Show extended accelerator...
Happy IconAllow_AccessConnection IconUsers, Servers and groups that can access a server
Happy IconAllow_Access_portnServers, users, or groups that can access a server's port. Portname is t...

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